Thomas müller and bastian schweinsteiger, so funny this watch it!:)

Translated in English;

Mueller: Basti, come here, we are going to do a quiz. I have a quiz for you

Basti: Quiz?

Mueller: Yes. What colour is the couch?

Basti: White

Mueller: What colour does snow have?

Basti: White

Mueller: I am running out of questions. lol What color is the penalty spot, where we….

Basti: White White White

Mueller: And what is the color of our jersey?

Basti: White

Mueller: What does a cow drink?

Basti: Milk (hehe)

(Both laughing and hugging)

Mueller: Of course water! hehe… I got you.

Basti: lol… I hear this for the first time

Mueller: Now this will go on youtube and you you will be the stupid one.



Bastian: (to the reporter) You have to speak in Bavarian.

Reporter: No, I don’t speak Bavarian but, you know, congratulations for this world cup.

(to Muller) You were…This was supposed to…You were the top striker of the whole world championship. How does this make you feel?

Muller: Das interessiert mich nicht der Scheißdreck. Weltmeister san ma. Den Pott hamm’ ma. Den Scheiß mit dem Goldenen Schuh kannst du hinter die Ohren schmieren. 

(trans: I don’t give a shit about this. We are the champions. We won the trophy. You can rub that golden boot shit behind your ears) *then leaves*

Reporter: Can you translate what [Thomas] said?

Bastian: He said you’re beautiful and he’s happy to win the tittle.


Every group who lived together in Brasil had their own little ‘cheography’ while walking on stage


Lol Dan


Lol Dan

Before I reblog all the German celebratory posts (late i know, but blame school), lemme clarify that I was supporting England (kinda feel like i need to coz i follow EPL mostly) (and rooney) but Germany was my second choice so ^.^

Bastian ‘Schweini’ Schweinsteiger catching fans’ jerseys and signing them.
Bastian ‘Schweini’ Schweinsteiger catching fans’ jerseys and signing them.

Schweinsteiger has come off as one of the nicest players on the field when the match ends as well. After beating Portugal he was seen hugging Cristiano Ronaldo. He did the same to Karim Benzema and David Luiz. He even hugged Luiz Felipe Scolari after the beat down of Brazil. He ran right up to Messi at the end of the final” - Rant Sport

Ayrton Senna + shell advertising for tv


C’est qui le meilleur hein ?